New Delhi, July 20 : Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Manish Sisodia today criticised the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for its double standards saying that the BJP doesn’t stand by its statement on re-elections in Delhi. Sisodia told ANI, “BJP works on double standards. They say they want re-elections outside, but in court they do not agree to it. They have the power they can order for elections anytime but they are not doing so. We are ready for the elections.”

He also blasted the BJP for trying to buy his party MLAs. “BJP should tell in how many crores they are getting support because they offered Rs. 20 crore each to AAP members, saying that 20 percent will be provided as cash and 80 percent in property. AAP members did not agree for it. What they are doing, they should tell. When they had 32 MLA’s they said they do not have numbers. Now when they have 29 how can they say they can have numbers?” added Sisodia.

He also stressed that AAP will not sit quietly and will take every possible step to stop horse-trading done by the BJP. Arvind Kejriwal‘s vision will be followed and he will change the phase of Delhi on becoming the Chief Minister, mentioned Sisodia. Earlier today, Delhi BJP president Satish Uphadhyay had asserted that his party is ready for assembly elections. The Delhi unit of the BJP had said on Thursday that it prefers forming the government in Delhi instead of continuing with president’s rule, as the people are facing a lot of problems in the national capital.

The BJP had won 31 seats in the assembly polls in December last year but its number came down to 28 in the 70-member house after three of its legislators including India’s health minister, Harsh Vardhan, were elected to Lower House of the parliament. Aam Aadmi Party however had alleged that BJP will not allow the party to form government in the national capital and are opting for divisive politics.

It also alleged that BJP was shamelessly indulging in unethical practices and luring lawmakers to form government in Delhi, which was highly condemnable.