New Delhi, July 17 : Indian workers trapped in fighting in war-torn Iraq have arrived home on Thursday, but many others are still being held captive by the suspected fighters of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). About 10,000 Indians work in Iraq, mostly in areas unaffected by the fighting, but scores of them have returned to India since ISIL began its offensive.

Recalling his ordeal, a worker Hind Nath Sharma said with the efforts of Indian government they were been able to come back to their homes safely. “The situation in Iraq is tense as every where there is bombing and attacks. The company forcefully made us work and didn’t pay our salary, the people who are not able to contact the embassy are still stranded there. The Indian government found us and helped us in returning home,” said Sharma.

Expressing gratitude towards Indian embassy and government, another worker, who was stranded in Iraq, Ravinder Kumar said the situation has worsened in the strife-torn country. “The situation is very pathetic in Iraq. I was in Tirkit. The company didn’t pay for three months after the situation worsened,” said Kumar. So far, over 2,500 Indians have returned home from that country.

Forty-six freed nurses, who were abducted by suspected Islamist militants in Iraq, had arrived home in Kochi on July 5. A group of 78 workers belonging to Andhra Pradesh also reached India the same day.