A lot was expected from the Narendra Modi interview with most people placing their bets on a total pounding of Arnab Goswami but both, the clamorous news anchor and the ‘best hope for India’ as PM had a decent dialogue with the clear winner emerging as the PM who might just pull off a majority number of votes this election.

Thankfully there was just one time when Arnab Goswami tried to shoot off the shoulder of the people of India asking a not-very-important question claiming that the nation wants to know but otherwise he was subdued by the elegance and wit of Narendra Modi. There were times when Modi appreciated the work done by Times Now and there were also times when Arnab Goswami tried to weave his usual web of twisty, mile-long questions to which Narendra Modi patiently waited and shot him down before it became another shouting match and the format of the show would have become the routine shouting match with Arnab.

The probable nest Prime Minister of India spoke as eloquently as ever and answered all the questions effectively with a mix of confidence and humbleness as he credited all the work he is praised for towards his core team which would have them beaming with joy. Here’s the complete interview-


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