Red alert: Mumbai panics due to cloudburst rumours; trains late and traffic jams on roads!
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Mumbai panicked with the rumour of a cloudburst red alert circulating on social networking sites on Thursday, July 31. The city has been experiencing incessant rains for the past two days, with trains running slow and flooding on the roads. The message going round on Twitter about the red alert was as follows: “Red alert by AMC – Ahmedabad, Surat, Badoda, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nashik are about to face highest rainfall ever in next 24 hours. Please avoid long distance journeys. There is a possibility of cloud burst. Pass it on to maximum people.”

This message created a sense of anxiety among Mumbaikars and offices packed off employees earlier than usual. But as the trains were anyways late, the situation led to chaos on the roads with double the traffic than is experienced on a normal weekday.

But the meteorological department has predicted heavy to moderate rains in Mumbai and Pune and not a cloudburst, as reported in DNA. A landslide near Pune on July 30 submerged an entire village and trapped over a 100 people, killing over 30. This incident also played on the psyche of the Mumbai citizens.