Saharanpur has erupted with communal riots between Muslims and Sikhs in the western Uttar Pradesh city. The clash between the Sikhs and Muslims is over a land dispute and people from both the communities have reacted in a very violent manner on Saturday. There has been a curfew implemented in Saharanpur following the riots with shoot at sight orders given to the police to disperse the rioting crowd to calm the situation.

Is Uttar Pradesh in a nose dive from which it cannot recover? Is the largest state of India spiraling out of control and is the Samajwadi Party government incapable of tending to matters or are they the ones instigating the riots for maintaining a state of unrest?

Twitterati have spoken and they are enraged that such violent clashes can take place while the Uttar Pradesh administration takes such a mind numbingly long time to react and that to unsatisfactorily.