Should Sushilkumar Shinde

Social Media has been a rage in India over the last 4 years, with thousands joining Twitter almost daily and even the mainstream media and major political parties having taken note. Many politicians seem to be banking on simply the support garnered via social media to further their campaign. Narendra Modi and Shashi Tharoor for instance often try to one up each other, by discussing their follower count publically. But can Social Media really be a good indicator of what the country needs? Does Sushilkumar Shinde have to worry about crushing Social Media or the Lashkar–e–Taiba?

We took a look at why Twitter is hardly the parameter to understand India:

Active Daily Users – There are much less than a 100,000 active individual users in India on Twitter that actually log in, reply and tweet meaningful stuff daily. These folks belong mainly to the rich, urban class and are hardly the kind that will go out on vote.

Echo Chamber Effect – Twitter is quite really an echo chamber for political parties and their propaganda spinning leaders. For instance all the Rahul Gandhi supporters all tend to follow each other and barely care for what the Modi supporters have to say on twitter. There is no constructive debate, just trolling of each other in hordes.

Trending Topics – Many political parties keep trying to trend on Twitter, with ridiculous hash-tags such as #Feku #Pappu etc. Rather than improving the political discourse, this only worsens it. Besides, political parties need to be working towards winning the elections not trend wars.