Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh), July 27Bhuvnesh Kumar, Secretary of the Uttar Pradesh government , today claimed that no untoward incidents have occurred over the past 18 hours since violent clashes erupted between two communities here yesterday. “There is total control over the situation. No untoward incidents have occurred over the last 18 hours,” Kumar told ANI. “The way the situation yesterday unfolded suddenly, it took a lot of effort by the local administration to take control of the situation soon after. Government gave sufficient security, and the security personnel have been deployed appropriately,” he said.

On the issue of lifting off the curfew in Saharanpur, Kumar added: “We have called for a meeting of distinguished people of the city and after seeking their views will try our best to end the curfew as soon as possible.” On Saturday morning violent clashes had erupted in Saharanpur amongst two groups who reportedly clashed over a patch of disputed land close to the city’s railway station.