Thiruvananthapuram, Jul 4: One of the 46 nurses from Kerala who were now confined in Iraq’s Mosul city by Sunni insurgents has spoken to her mother and said all of them were safe. Her mother told reporters on Friday that she got a call from her daughter in Mosul and things are fine.

“She just called and said they reached Mosul late on Thursday. She was able to sleep around 2 a.m. She said they are put in a building and there are armed people guarding them from outside,” said the nurse’s mother.

“She said they gave them food and water and are behaving with them in a decent manner and till now things are fine,” the mother added. The mother, however, did not say if these nurses will have to provide medical treatment to those injured in Mosul and were in hospitals.

“No, she never said anything like that,” said the mother. On Thursday afternoon, the Kerala nurses were shifted from Iraq’s Tikrit city to Mosul by gun totting men in a vehicle.