New Delhi, Mar 21: Ahead of the upcoming Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is trying to outreach maximum number of voters with its election campaigning. Contesting the MCD election on the issue of corruption and clean Delhi, the party will be running video message featuring AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal across Delhi. The video message broadcasted through projectors will feature the Delhi Chief Minister speaking on his party’s vision for a cleaner Delhi.

It is been reported that the party has ordered around 500 projectors and two projectors will be assigned to every ward. The volunteers and candidates have been assigned the role of organising at least three shows of the video everyday in crowded places. With three shows being organised daily at every ward, the party is hoping to hold around 1,500 shows daily and if the campaigning is successful, the party may feature other messages through videos too. Apart from the video, the party volunteers are holding door to door campaigning across Delhi informing the voters of the party’s achievements in the past two years.

After the poor performance of AAP in Punjab and Goa, the party wants to regain confidence among the voters and is campaigning aggressively for the MCD elections. Trying to boost morality in the demoralised party volunteers, Arvind Kejriwal also interacted with the volunteers via Facebook. In the video, the party chief stated that winning is not the sole purpose of AAP and the party is in politics for nation building. He further asked the volunteers to focus on MCD elections stating that, “If an honest party like ours wins MCD, we will clean Delhi and improve education and health sectors further.”

For the MCD elections, the party has already declared 260 candidates and the remaining 12 names are expected to be announced soon. Attacking the rival parties, AAP has alleged that despite timely release of the funds, the North, South and East Delhi Municipal Corporations have failed in delivering basic amenities to the people of Delhi.

Polling for the three corporations of Delhi will be held on April 22 and the results for the same will be announced on April 25.