New Delhi, Nov 15: The thought of being one’s own boss is something that has probably strolled in every one’s mind, be it working individuals or job seekers! Is the dream of starting something of your own not letting you sleep either? Are the millions of ideas that are fighting against each other inside your mind to prove the best, pulling you back to wait for the perfect time to take the plunge?

If the answer is an affirmative ‘yes,’ don’t worry. Because these are the unavoidable parts of the process of becoming an entrepreneur and we are here to help you with the next steps. But, being just an owner of an enterprise cannot be the ultimate objective. It’s converting your plans into action and reaping the benefit out of it, that should be the aim. But, like any job, businesses too come with its own set of vices. Firstly, preparing a workable business plan itself is a tough job, not to mention about managing the operations. But, have you ever thought of doing something which lets you be the owner of your own business without needing to pass through this nerve-wracking phase?

Well, let me tell you about a business that will give you not only monetary gain but also mental satisfaction. Being edupreneur can be one of the best options to pick up from a gamut of livelihood options. Now, you must be wondering, how? If you love being around kids, opening a preschool can be the most rewarding option. Most of the preschool chains that have been operating across the country have their proven business models in place. All you need to do is implement the same and reap the return on investment. Though there is a long list of pre-school chains available in the Indian market, we have sorted out five most prominent pre-school chains to help you with the selection process, in case you want to own a franchise.

1.    Kidzee

2.    Eurokids



5.    LittleElly

Kidzee: With a network of more than 1700 centres in over 550 cities across India, Kidzee is the largest preschool chain in Asia. A pioneer in ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education), it has touched the lives of more than 4,50,000 children in India so far. With years of dedicated research, Kidzee has set unparalleled standards in the CDE (Child Development & Education) space having its proprietary pedagogy, interactive iLLUME, India’s only university-verified preschool curriculum.

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EuroKids:  Launched in 2001, Eurokids is one of the leading education services providers that work with International standards as the basis. Today, there are more than 900 centres in 350 cities across the country. With over 17 awards, EuroKids is setting new benchmarks.

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SHEMROCK: Established in 1989, SHEMROCK is the oldest Preschool Chain in India. With over 525 branches across India, Nepal & Bangladesh, the SHEMROCK Network is spread in 27 States and Union Territories in the country. So far, the chain has touched the lives of more than 3,50,000 children.

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HELLO KIDS: HELLO KIDS has more than 509 branches in over 25 states across India. It envisages to bring up children by offering the same world-class quality and international standards of education that are enjoyed by millions of families across the world. It caters to more than 50000 students.

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LittleElly: With a humble beginning in Bengaluru in 2008, the Little Elly group today comprises of several franchisees and training centres that are spread all over the country. They provide individualized learning opportunities and well researched teaching methods to aid the overall development of a child.

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