A painless and powerful technique that yields accurate

A painless and powerful technique that yields accurate
results, U-Lipo targets stubborn fat on the body. Reducing accumulated fat can be extremely difficult, and U-Lipo opposes the conventional methods, such as liposuction, that are risky, expensive and painful. One can also avoid the side effects that come with liposuction by opting for this non-surgical fat reduction treatment. The body shaping treatment , U-Lipo uses ultra sound waves that converge at the targeted area. They accumulate and lead to the mechanical breakdown of the cellular membrane.
It also uses vacuum suction that is found to be the most trusted and efficient treatment against cellulite that helps lose calories in 10 minutes. In just one session, clients notice a visible difference and lose up to 8 centimetres.
The overall advantages are that this non-surgical tummy tuck is cost effective, no heavy exercise is required, and most importantly, it is completely safe. At Prettislim, one can be assured that there will be qualified doctors who will take care of them through the body contouring treatment.
This is a great new way to target the fat, and look best for New Year. Till date Prettislim has thousands of satisfied clients from different strata of society who have opted for body sculpting at their body shaping clinics in Mumbai (Andheri, Bandra and Kandivali). Only because of their satisfied clients they have become one of the best slimming clinic in Mumbai.
As difficult as it is to lose weight, it’s surprisingly easy to regain the lost weight, and that’s why Prettislim offers ‘Fit For Life’ programme. We understand that losing weight and maintaining it can be equally challenging. Their ‘Fit For Life’ programme includes one U-Lipo treatment every 2 months and a dedicated consultant, plus slimming tips for a year and much more. All this is accompanied by a diet counsellor, who also serves as a life coach, and daily tips sent via SMS by their experts, that keeps one motivated and dedicated to the weight loss New Year’s resolutions. (MORE) PRN TR