New Delhi, Apr 12 (PTI) The Una-based teacher, allegedly involved in leaking Class 12 economics and Class 10 mathematics papers, harboured the ambition of becoming the principal of the school where he taught, and a relative had assured him she would get it done if he helped her get the papers, an official privy to the probe said.

The CBSE Class 10 mathematics question paper was leaked by Rakesh Kumar, an economics teacher at DAV Centenary School in Una in Himachal Pradesh, who was arrested last week along with two other employees of the school – Amit Sharma and Ashok Kumar – in connection with the economics paper leak.

The police said today Rakesh Kumar was found to be also involved with the mathematics paper leak before the March 28 examination.

During intensive questioning by a team led by Rajesh Kumar, assistant commissioner of police (Crime), he confessed his involvement and sending the images of handwritten copy of the papers to his bhabhi in Ferozepur, Punjab, the police said.

The 40-year-old woman, a librarian at a college in Ferozepur, had assured Rakesh Kumar of getting the principal’s post at the DAV school, Una.

She had told him she has good contacts with the DAV management in Delhi and if he helped her in getting the economics and mathematics papers for her relatives’ children, she would ensure that he becomes the principal soon, said the official.

Rakesh Kumar had filled a form applying for the post and she had told him she would ensure his candidature was given preference over other contenders. It was this greed to become principal that prompted Rakesh Kumar to leak the papers.

Police, however, said there was no monetary transaction involved and Rakesh Kumar did it only to realise his dream.

Today, the police said two men and a woman have been arrested in connection with the leak of the mathematics paper.

The three accused were identified as Sheru Ram (35), branch manager of Union Bank Of India, Om Prakash (58), head cashier of the same bank and the 40-year-old woman who had forwarded the handwritten question papers of Class 12 economics and Class 10 mathematics to others via WhatsApp from her cell-phone which later went viral on social media.

This is published unedited from the PTI feed.