Beijing, Jul 10 (PTI) Wild Asian elephants recently got their own “dining room” in China’s Yunnan province.

The local national nature reserve administration said the measure aims at mitigating human-wildlife conflict, as wild Asian animals are known to trouble local farmers by eating crops, destroying property, and injuring people.

Covering an area of 66.7 hectares, the protection base was created near the Lancang river in Xishuangbanna. Trees such as Paper Mulberry and Tiger Grass were planted according to the feeding habits of wild Asian elephants.

An Asian elephants conservation programme purchased twelve infrared cameras in May to monitor the activities of the wild animals.

The cameras show that a lot of Asian elephants, red deer, and wild boar come to the base to forage, proving the measure to be effective, China state-run People’s Daily reported.

Wild Asian elephants are a class-one protected animal in China. Yunnan province is home to about 300 of them, mainly in the areas of Xishuangbanna, Pu’er, and Lincang.

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