New Delhi, Apr 9 (PTI) Former Union minister Sharad Yadav took a dig at the BJP-led central government today by saying it was busy in dividing the society while the conditions of Dalits, tribals and other weaker sections of the populace worsened during its four-year rule.

These communities were not feeling safe in the country and the situation was particularly bad in the states ruled by the BJP, he claimed in a statement.

Citing figures, Yadav said a crime was committed against a Dalit in the country every 15 minutes with two Dalits killed and six Dalit women sexually assaulted every day.

“This is highly objectionable and cannot be accepted in our democracy. An awakening has come among the Dalits and they should not tolerate any discrimination,” he said, adding that the government was only busy in dividing the society.

The socio-economic conditions of the Dalits were poor as data showed that 37 per cent of them lived below poverty line and more than 54 per cent of their children were malnourished, Yadav said.

Over 45 per cent of the Dalits did not know how to read or write, the former Union minister said, alleging that public health workers refused to visit Dalit households in 33 per cent of the villages in the country.

The Dalit children had to sit separately while eating in 38 per cent of the government schools and these figures were very disturbing, he said.

Apparently targeting the Nitish Kumar-led NDA dispensation in Bihar, Yadav claimed that Dalits had told him they were feeling insecure under the present governments in the country and the state.

This is published unedited from the PTI feed.