London, Apr 2 (PTI) “Jurassic Park” star Jeff Goldblum says he had to fight to keep his character, Ian Malcolm, in the original film.

The actor, who will be making a comeback to the franchise with “Jurassic World 2”, said the original film’s director Steven Spielberg almost wrote out the character entirely.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Goldblum said he “felt moved to advocate for my inclusion” after Spielberg told him he may no longer be needed.

He said Spielberg insisted, “The people want that character melded into the Sam Neill character – I don’t think Sam Neill was doing it yet, but the Alan Grant character – and I said no no no, I think keep that character but, um… I don’t know what I said, but anyway, it turns out that I got to be in it and that’s the way it goes.” “Jurassic World 2” is set to release on June 22.

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