New York, Dec 7 (PTI) India is proud of its Caribbean diaspora for their resilience, achievements and contributions to their host countries, a top Indian diplomat here has said.

Speaking at a conference on “History, Present and Future of Indentured Indian Diaspora”, Consul General of India at New York said that India is making efforts to connect its diaspora and address their concerns.

“India is proud of the Indian Caribbean diaspora for their resilience, achievements and contributions to their host countries,” Consul General Sandeep Chakravoorty said.

“Under the leadership of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is making efforts to connect the diaspora to India and address their concerns,” Chakravoorty said at an event in New York on occasion of 100th anniversary of abolition of Indenturedship.

The conference was organised by the Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies in association with the Hindu Yuva Chapter of the prestigious Columbia University.

Ravi Deo, ex-Member of Guyanese parliament and founder of political party Rise and Rebuild Guyana talked on the politics of entitlement in a ethnically divided society of Guyana.

“Until the politicians and other actors in the public arena openly and publicly confront the ethnic bases of Guyanese political culture and structures, and deal with their consequences affirmatively, Guyana will remain mired in a Sisyphean paradigm,” he said.

“Amid aspirations toward modernity, Indians do not necessarily dismiss their preexisting values education, gender relations, and family cohesion and connection when they migrate”, said Professor Lomarsh Roopnarine from Jakson State University.

Vishnu Bisram, New York based Indian Caribbean political analyst said, “India has had an institutionalised caring, compassionate relationship focused on culture, business, education, diplomacy and other non-political fields.” “India must develop the courage to address political issues like the racial persecution of Indians especially in Guyana similar to how the Chinese or Israeli government speak out against victimisation of their Diasporas,” Bisram said.

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