Mumbai, Jan 14 (PTI) Shenaz Treasury, best remembered for her film “Ishq Vishq”, says she has not limited herself to acting as it might become frustrating to depend solely on the profession.

Despite having a career spanning over 15 years, Shenaz, who is also a writer, said she cannot think of doing films all her life till she establishes herself.

“I love acting. But unless you are a superstar like Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra… Unless you get to that level, I don’t think that’s (acting) the only thing you should do.

“I feel so blessed that I’ve written a screenplay (‘Luv Ka The End’), I am writing a book, I do travelogue. I make money not so much from acting but my travelogue… Being just an actor would be quite frustrating,” Shenaz told PTI.

The actor said she is not bothered about being seen on celluloid as she was never hungry for fame.

“I never wanted to be famous, that was not my dream. I just like being creative. Be it doing films or a Netflix show, ‘The Big Sick’, or the movie I shot in America called ‘My Cousin Sister’s Wedding’. I do these roles but it doesn’t matter if it’s Hollywood or Bollywood.”

Shenaz, who was last seen in the recently-released film “Kaalakaandi”, said she prefers quality over quantity even if it results in less films coming her way.

The actor is now looking forward to her book of memoiristic essays, “All He Left Me Was A Recipe”.

Talking about the book, Shenaz said, “It’s a funny book about little stories in my life, different men in my life and different recipes I learnt. Mostly recipes of food and life lessons.”

This is published unedited from the PTI feed.