Kathmandu, April 13 (PTI) An international conference held here has urged all South Asian countries to review national security and counter-terrorism laws to ensure they do not infringe on fundamental rights.

Representatives from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh among others participated the conference themed “Addressing Impunity and Realising Human Rights in South Asia” which concluded yesterday.

The conference unanimously adopted the Kathmandu Declaration which stresses on the need for collaboration between NHRIs, as well as their collaboration with civil society, in addressing issues related to conflict.

It also urged all states in the South Asia to review national security and counter-terrorism laws and policies so that they are in compliance with constitutional and international norms and standards, ensure that they do not infringe on fundamental rights.

It also called non-state actors to be accountable for gross human rights abuses, even if they are approved and backed by civilian stakeholder communities, keeping in mind that the state response must always be proportionate and respect human rights, a statement said.

The conference stressed on the right of freedom of movement, including migration in search of employment.

It recognised the economic benefits of migrant labour to destination and origin countries alike and encouraged cooperation between origin and destination countries to ensure that the rights of migrants, particularly women, are realised.

It has also underlined the need for promoting active cooperation between NHRIs of the South Asia region in order to support each other through exchange of information on a regular basis to share challenges.

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