New Delhi, Apr 9 (PTI) The security forces should not be “demoralised” by the political leadership and the media of the country, Vice President Venkaih Naidu today said, stressing that one should see their “difficult working conditions” before saying anything “adverse”.

Speaking at a CRPF event here, Naidu said “dissent is agreeable but disintegration can never be acceptable at all” in the country, adding that he had “no qualms in saying that human rights is for humans and not for demons (maanav adhikar maanvaon ke liye hotey hain, daanavon ke liye nahi)”.

“People who write articles from Delhi, the leaders who speak negatively about our forces they should understand the adverse conditions and climate that these (security forces) people are operating in,” Naidu said at the ‘Valour Day’ event of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).

“That (the difficult working conditions of the forces)”, the Vice President said, has to be kept in mind before saying or doing anything.

“It has become a fashion for some people that without knowing the reality of the situation they condemn (the forces),” Naidu said.

What is happening in this country is that sometimes, some people have the habit of condemning the forces whether the Army or the BSF or the CRPF, he said.

“If something goes wrong (in the forces), they have a system to correct itself. We should not demoralise them,” Naidu said.

He said the political leadership, whichever party they are from, should speak in favour of the country, its integrity and its unity and they should speak for the forces.

He added that the media has a “sacred responsibility to safeguard the interests of the country.” “You have every right to disagree but the unity of the country is paramount,” Naidu said.

He also pinned the blame of the “adverse” condition in Jammu and Kashmir on the “neighbouring country”, Pakistan, and said it is “aiding, abetting and funding terrorists” to create destruction in India.

“People involved there (J and K) in operations are sacrificing their lives and giving their best to the country leaving their families behind. One has to understand that and visit that area, see it themselves and understand the role played by the forces and then write anything adverse,” he said.

“I have no hesitation (in saying this) and I am aware that I am holding the constitutional post of the Vice President of India, but I am also a citizen of this country.

The forces which are fighting for the integrity and unity of the country they need moral support of all of us,” he said.

The security forces personnel, he said, “even if they do not do anything, they will still get salary but why these brave jawans are staking their lives for the country.

“Go to these areas and see it for yourself,” he added.

Naidu said if anybody has got any grievance, there is a system for redressal.

“If, anybody has got any objection to a policy, proposal or programme of the government there is a way you can challenge that. Democracy provides you that opportunity,” he said, adding but militants who are operating at the behest of some body from outside do not “deserve any sympathy at all”.

“Dissent is agreeable, disintegration can never be acceptable at all. Integrity and unity of the country is paramount for all of us. Peace and progress go together,” he said, as he lauded the gallant action of the CRPF personnel in anti-Naxal operations and in the Kashmir valley.

The Vice President also urged the Maoist cadres to do some “self introspection” as to what have they have achieved after so many years of armed movement.

“They (Naxals) are killing innocent people and hampering development… nobody should sympathise with those who take up arms and kill innocent people,” Naidu said.

Stressing that the “ballot is stronger than the bullet”, he urged the Naxals to “go to the people, come to the mainstream and fight in the political system”.

People who celebrate Afzal Guru (convicted for the attack on Parliament), he said, do not need or deserve any sympathy. Such people violate the Constitution and then take shelter under the Constitution saying that it is their right to say so, Naidu said.

He described the CRPF as “truly the strongest pillar” of the country’s internal security apparatus, as he decorated 50 jawans and officers with gallantry medals.

This is published unedited from the PTI feed.