New Delhi, Apr 17 (PTI) Preethi Herman, the global executive director of, was among 20 civic leaders selected for the first Obama Foundation Fellowship, according to the organisation.

She was the only Indian on the list. is an open platform (with over 80 lakh registered users) where anyone can start a campaign or petition on any issue.

The website has managed to help petitioners achieve success in their campaigns on sale of acids and passport rules for children of single parents among others.

The foundation said on its website that she was equipping a new movement of female leaders to engage their communities in addressing India’s toughest problems.

“I’ll be working with a group of civic innovators from around the world to inspire people to get involved in their communities. I can’t wait to get started,” Herman tweeted.

She will join a two-year, non-residential program that brings together the 20 leaders representing 11 countries. The first fellows’ gathering will be in Chicago in May.

The 2018 Obama Foundation Fellows come from diverse backgrounds but share a common desire to make positive change and create the world as it should be, said David Simas, CEO of the Obama Foundation, in a statement.

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