Jaipur, Apr 14 (PTI) Activists here today protested a new amendment in the Rajasthan Bovine Animal Act, 1995, which, they claim, allowed slaughter of buffaloes.

The Rajasthan Bovine Animal (Prohibition of Slaughter and Regulation of Temporary Migration or Export) (Amendment) Bill, 2018, was passed in the Assembly on March 9.

It clarified that “bovine animal” means and includes cow, calf, heifer, bull and bullock. The bill excludes buffalo and progeny from the definition.

The activists protested the decision saying that the state government was headed toward “gruesome cruelty” by amending the existing Act which will give a license to kill innumerable dumb, hapless buffaloes.

“We have started a signature campaign and also requested the president of India to not give assent to the Bill, which was passed in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly in March this year. Slaughter of buffaloes is banned in 15 states and is against Article 51 A (G) and Article 48 of the constitution,” national chairman of Bharatiya Prani Mitra Sangh, Jasraj Shrishrimal said at a press conference here today.

Former MLA from Nagar constitutency, Gopi Gurjar said that with this amendment the state government had asked the people “to sign their death warrant”.

“Milk supply is scarce and the amendment will encourage slaughter of buffaloes. The amendment will add fuel to the fire. It will create an ecological imbalance which can never be replenished,” he said.

Slaughter of buffaloes is banned in India’s 15 states.

This is published unedited from the PTI feed.