Mumbai, Feb 14 (PTI) With rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies, there is an urgent requirement for a new era of leadership that prioritises trust and greater responsibility, says a survey.

The technology report by Accenture, which has inputs from more than 6,300 business and IT executives worldwide, including in India, predicts key technology trends likely to disrupt business over the next three years.

“Capitalising on growth opportunities while also having a positive impact on society required a new era of leadership that prioritises trust and greater responsibility,” the survey said.

Around 84 per cent of the respondents agreed that companies are weaving themselves seamlessly into the fabric of how people live today through technology.

“Technology is now firmly embedded throughout our everyday lives and is reshaping large parts of society,” said Paul Daugherty, chief technology & innovation officer at Accenture.

Just as cities developed around ports and then railroads, or people rebuilt their lives around electricity, the world today is re-imagining itself around digital innovation and, by extension, the companies that provide those services, he said.

“This requires a new type of relationship, built on trust and the sharing of large amounts of personal information,” he added.

The survey said this technological transformation is unique in that for the first time the change is a two-way street, where people are not just using companies’ products and services, but feeding information and access back to them.

This level of ‘integrated innovation’ and degree of trust requires a deeper relationship – a true partnership based not only on a company’s products, but also its goals and values, it said.

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