Los Angeles, Nov 15 (PTI) Actor Amber Heard said she believes the term “LGBTQ” does not help the marginalised community as much as it did at one point of time, especially in Hollywood.

The 31-year-old actor said even educated people tend to hide behind such terminology by “adding letters” and remain stuck with regressive ideas.

“I didn’t come out. I was never in. It’s limiting, that LGBTQ thing. It served a function as an umbrella for marginalised people to whom rights were being denied, but it loses its efficacy because of the nuanced nature of humanity.

“As we become more educated and expand the facts of our nature, we keep adding letters. It was a great shield, but now we’re stuck behind it,” Heard told Allure magazine.

The actor, who will next be seen in “Justice League”, said she was warned by people in the film industry that coming out as a bisexual would cause damage to her career.

But she eventually dared her opponents and proved them wrong.

“Everyone told me: ‘You cannot do this.’ I had played opposite Nicolas Cage (in one movie), and in another I was playing opposite Johnny (Depp – ex-husband).

“And everyone said, ‘You’re throwing it all away. You can’t do this to your career, and I said, ‘I cannot do this any other way. Watch me’,” she said.

This is published unedited from the PTI feed.