New Delhi, Aug 11: The body of a 42-year-old man was found at Congress leader Kumari Seljas house on Monday, police said. The body of Sanjay, who is the husband of a maid at Selja’s residence, was spotted by the maid around 8 a.m. near the servant’s quarters of the former minister’s house in central Delhi’s Sunehri Bagh area.

Sanjay, an employee of Sena Bhawan, was found lying in a pool of blood with injury marks on his head. “He (Sanjay) had injury marks on his head. It looks like he was beaten using a rod,” an official said. Sanjay’s sister-in-law Rakhi said he was having a dispute with Selja’s cook over vacating the servant quarter he and his wife were living in.

“They have had several arguments on the same issue in the past,” Rakhi, 35, told IANS. Another relative said that Selja was in the house when the body was spotted by his wife, who then informed the security guard.

Police have questioned the cook, Anil, along with an official in the former social justice and empowerment minister’s office. They have also questioned Sanjay’s wife and other relatives. “Though it seems to be a case of murder, we are investigating from all possible angles,” a police official said.