New Delhi, December 16: After three years of the infamous gangrape of Jyoti Singh — popularly known as Nirbhaya, parents of the victim said that nothing more specific has changed in these years. Social activists and citizens from the Delhi gathered at the Jantar Mantar to offer their condolences to the brave heart who fought till the end of her life. What we asking here, is this enough to stop rape in India?

 Speaking to the media, father of ‘Nirbhaya’ father said that what we want is that the juvenile should also get the punishment like the other four in 2012. According to him, proper justice shall only be considered when things judiciary treats everyone with equality. Speaking to a media channel, the mother of the victim said that in India rape victims will only justice when the ministers’ daughters would be assaulted and raped. But, she also clarified that the reaction is a counter argument to all the comments made by the politicians to support the release of the juvenile convicted in the case. (ALSO READ: Hema Malini calls Nirbhaya case juvenile ‘devilish’, seeks punishment)

What we are asking here is though the Supreme Court has awarded the punishment to the perpetrators of the crime, will just awarding the juvenile sentencing to life imprisonment help decreasing the number of rapes in the national capital? Will holding the candle light marches just for few hours in a year safeguard the women in India? If not, then what is the use of shouting only for one day and giving a shit about it for the entire year, until the next next anniversary arrives? Exactly…thats what we meant.

Same is going to happen on Wednesday when famous scriptwriter Javed Akhter, social activist Shabana Azmi, NDTV news editor Barkha Dutt, former commission against ministers and MLA’s of AAP Barkha Shukla Singh and Director for Centre for Social Research Ranjana Kumari extended her support to the cause by their presence in Jantar Mantar. Later in the day, like every year, a candle light march will be organised to show the condolence to Jyoti Singh — ‘Nirbhaya’. (ALSO READ: Nirbhaya case: Juvenile rapist likely to walk free on December 20, Centre objects)

If it can serve any purpose, please join the march and be happy that you did something for a country. If not, then just realise the fact the till the time there is spark in the candle, there will be spark in you, for the later part you are just another citizen in India. NOW HAPPY?