New Delhi, September 13: The launch of iPhone X (ten) on September 12 for Indians meant a sleepless night with deepest introspection about the materialistic pleasures of the world. People with mortgage, personal loans, and pile of credit cards, for once wished the latest iPhone will be within the reach. But the whooping price of Rs. 1.02 lakh for the 256GB variant of the phone might have caused a few expected heartbreaks. And in times like these, for us who can only write about products, we think of a defence mechanism to evade self-loathing. That is when comes handy a list of other things, we can own at the same price as one unit of a 256 GB iPhone X.

However, we must remember the things in the following list may not be a fast cellphone, with extraordinary camera quality, highly perfect FaceID or a status symbol, but then these products are something which can give us a point of reference to realise, why we might not buy the latest iPhone and still be fine with it.

5 things other than an iPhone you can own at Rs. 1.02 Lakh. Here’s the countdown:

5. 24 Carat Gold

As per the prices of September 13, one gram of 24 carat gold will cost you Rs 3,204. Which means at Rs. 1.02 lakh, you can own 31.835 grams of pure 24 carat gold. Given that Diwali is not that far this can be a greater investment than an advanced phone which is a state-of-art device.

Pros: A good investment option. Also suitable for people with habits like Bappi Lahiri. Gold is a status symbol as well.

Cons: You never know when the Income Tax department decides to raid you and find this newly possessed gold. Also, anyone can access your gold, as it will lack facial recognition system to protect itself from misuse.

4. Pulsar 200 NS and Apache 200 4V

Talking about style, these bikes are top notched and costs slightly more than the new iPhone X 256GB variant, but then the categories do not match and comparing a phone to a vehicle is stupid obviously. But then let us be stupid. These bikes are promoted as being among the best in the low priced sport-ish vehicle and in speed they do not fail. But neither do the new iPhone X with an advanced chip which makes everything fast and smooth. (The author could find the right jargon to throw at the reader) Bonus: With the same amount you can own about three Bajaj CT 100, which is priced at Rs. 39,000 only.

Pros: Can carry another person with you, helps in transporting you instead your voice and it is a motorbike for cow’s sake!

Cons: Need to wear a helmet to stay safe, energy source-petrol prices are rocketing high and well, you cannot click amazing pictures using it. (Although clicking pictures with the bikes will boost your Instagram likes)

3. Security Deposit amount for a rented room in Mumbai

A person collected around Rs. 1 lakh to pay as the security deposit amount for a 1BHK apartment he recently shortlisted in Mumbai. On the night of September 12, he stopped by a shop to get a smoke, and then he saw the launch of Apple’s iPhone X. The man now lives on the street, but owns the latest smartphone on earth. (Fictional. No resemblance to any living/dead person).

Pros: The amount you pay as security deposit is returned or adjusted at the end, unlike Apple, which will not return your money or adjust it for their next product which will be minutely different from iPhone X.

Cons: Not applicable for people who are not willing to shift to Mumbai. Also not applicable for local Mumbaikars. Entirely not applicable in case of those who are not reading this article.

2. Good Food 

The author on account of being fed up of the useless comparisons craved for nice dinner and that is when it struck how in over Rs. 1 lakh, he, his family, his neighbours and perhaps a few others can eat like kings and queens. While gluttony is a sin, for which Kevin Spacey might decide to hunt you, but imagine all the good food you can have if you have one lakh rupees to spend. If not an exaggeration, then perhaps in that amount one can eat for months, before realising eating is all we do.

Pros: Nothing can make you happier, well, a few other things can, but anyway, food is known to be the best anti-depressant. (By food we mean food that tastes good), and since the amount is too much and there is only so much that we can eat, this is the second best use of the money. (First being saving the money)

Cons: Food is not something you own actually, it is something you have. Once eaten it is not there and hence might not quench the thirst of those who seek possession. Also you cannot call, click pictures, play games among other things with food.

1. Not own an iPhone X

Now we must ask ourselves what is the worth of iPhone X. Not price, but its actual value addition trait to our lives. In that case, most of us, who somehow use a cellphone costing less than 10,000 rupees, even that being a luxury to large section of people, we must understand the true worth of the new Apple product. High-end camera, excellent display, great designs and other features, which other smartphones might or might not lack. But for us, our moderately-priced mobile phones do suffice. It is only when in relative terms we look at objects we realise things are lacking in our phones. But then technological advancements has made the idea of ‘the best phone’ obscure. As a matter of fact, the process of mechanical evolution has made things less permanent than ever before.

In such scenarios, one must really ask if 2 years down the line, iPhone X will still be worth the money one is willing to put. Or will there be another competition which might come up with better device?

Experts are of the opinion that if people are already buying a phone for 80,000 rupees, for them paying an extra 20,000 rupees to own the latest device might not be a big deal. And while that is completely true, this article needs to end with words that can mean something to all of you, when you say ‘you gotta do what you gotta do’.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of and the organisation does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same. However, this is a highly opinionated piece written with the spirit of fun, and not offend. The author does not own any Apple product.