Amethi, January 14: Even after 70-years of Independence, a village in Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha constituency Amethi is yet to see electricity. Majeri Rasee, a small village in Amethi has been ignored by the local administration for years forcing children to study in kerosene lanterns and villagers to live in dark.

According to reports of Zee News, the local administration had completed its paperwork to bring in electricity in the village. They had also installed electric poles at a number of places. But the poles are lying there without wire and electricity since last 15-years.

When reporters of the news channel reached the village they found that the place was full of ambitious students who aspired to become doctor and engineers.

But they expressed their disappointment and said that their dream can only come true if they will get enough electricity. Children who are studying in night lamps daily had started complaining of weak eyesight.

Villagers had also requested Yogi Adityanath government to light-up their village. They had written to CM Yogi and requested him to fulfil their demands. However, the District Magistrate of Amethi has not commented on the matter as yet.

While talking to reporters, villagers said that this time they will also meet Congress President Rahul Gandhi who is scheduled to visit Amethi next week.

The small town of Amethi is known for being the stronghold of Nehru-Gandhi family. Jawaharlal Nehru’s grandsons Sanjay and Rajiv Gandhi (the sons of Indira Gandhi), Rajiv Gandhi’s widow Sonia Gandhi and son Rahul Gandhi, have at one time or the other, represented this constituency.