Punjab, December 1: The unrest within the aam aadmi Party seems to have reached a new level altogether with members of the party from Punjab giving an ultimatum to party supremo Arvind Kejriwal. Some of the key party workers in the poll bound state have given the delhi Chief Minister 48 hours to sort out the issue after which they have guaranteed a mass exit from the party.

The protesters are being led by Dr Harinder Singh, a former agriculture officer and volunteer from Zira. Their main demand to kejriwal is that 59 of the 93 candidates announced by the party for the upcoming assembly elections be replaced with immediate effect as they had allegations against them.

Party affairs in-charge Sanjay Singh and national organisation building head Durgesh Pathak are the key contentious candidates for Punjab’s AAP workers. The fact that the Punjab wing of the AAP is being led by people from Delhi is a cause of concern for the Punjab workers.

Virinder Singh Parihar from Hoshiarpur who is a co-ordinator of the AAP NRI wing and fund-raising unit in USA, is one amonsgt the key protestors. He recently made his views very clear to the party chief in a letter dated November 30 in which he wrote, “I welcome your statement to make Punjab drug-free in one month. But it is so ironic that the observers you sent in Punjab are opium addicts and alcoholics.”

Further commenting on Durgesh Pathak, he wrote that substantial proof including videos, pictures to expose Pathak was available. However, he alleged that his repeated complaints against them to Pathak went ignored. The AAP Punjab volunteers have demanded that the party be handled by Punjabis adding that those in the state who have been removed on accusations of wrongdoing be honourably reinstated. Otherwise  proof of their “wrongdoings”was to be made public.AAP’s Punjab volunteers have also accused Kejriwal of arrogance and sycophancy.