New Delhi, Dec 1: A day after Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s account got hacked, the Congress party’s official Twitter handle (@INCIndia) was reported to be hacked early this morning. As per reports, the hacker has threatened to release emails from Congress’ official domain address ( The Congress party alleged that BJP is behind hacking of its Twitter accounts. The BJP however rejected all the claims and said, “No need to hack Rahul Gandhi or Congress’ account as they are not taken seriously.”

Rahul’s account showed a series of tweets with about a dozen offensive tweets posted within minutes and were being deleted immediately. In wake of this serious issue, the Congress party on Thursday filed a complaint with the Delhi Police cyber cell to investigate the matter.  Similarly, the INC twitter handle which got hacked today, showed a series of offensive tweets.

The Opposition has promised to raise the issue of hacking of verified twitter accounts of Rahul Gandhi and Congress, in both the houses of the Parliament on Thursday. The Opposition met on Thursday morning for a meeting before the 12th day of the Winter Session started. The Congress Lok Sabha strategy meeting scheduled to take place at 10:30 AM today.

On Wednesday, Congress Spokesperson Surjewala said that the party has taken the issue very seriously and will be lodging a formal complaint with the Cyber Police. He expressed hope that the government will show sincerity of purpose in investigating those who are perpetuating this crime and will punish them within a time-bound frame.

Surjewala expressed displeasure on twitter andsaid such lowly tactics will never drown the sane voice of reason nor deter Rahul Gandhi from rising. He slammed the government on digital safety and said it reflects disturbing insecurities of the prevalent fascist culture in the country.