Alwar, Dec 7: A suspected cow smuggler got killed in retaliatory firing by police on Wednesday. Five cows, which were being taken away in a vehicle, also got seriously injured and are being treated now.

The incident occurred when police saw a vehicle carrying 5-7 cows in Alwar. The police control got the roads blocked. But the vehicle broke barrier and fired at police personnel, who fired at the vehicle in return. In the melee, a suspected cow smuggler sustained gunshot wound and later succumbed to his injuries.

“One person got shot in retaliatory fire by police and succumbed to injuries later, others are absconding. We found 5 cows badly injured and are now being treated,” Rahul Prakash, SP Alwar,told ANI.

“Around 2 am, a vehicle with 5-7 people was seen carrying cows in Rajasthan’s Alwar.The police control room immediately blocked roads on receiving this information but the vehicle carrying cows broke barriers and people in the vehicle fired upon police personnel,” he added.

A man was killed by cow vigilantes last month while transporting cows in Rajasthan’s Alwar. “We were told there were three people, one of whom was shot dead when they were going with their cows. Neither relatives nor anyone else was there so we’ll investigate to know what happened,” police officer Anil Benwal had said.