Rajahmundry (AP), August 10: Andhra Pradesh Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu criticised Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) today for his remarks about the powers and functioning of AP Governor ESL Narasimhan. “As a responsible chief minister of the state, he (Chandrasekhar Rao) should respect the Constitution, the Parliament, central government and other states,” he told reporters here.

Ramakrishnudu questioned why the Telangana Chief minister did not object to the Andhra Pradesh Re-Organisation Bill which he called “unconstitutional”, when it was being drafted. He alleged that Chandrasekhara Rao played a “vital role” in drafting the Bill. Ramakrishundu reminded that KCR had approved the contents of the Bill, including declaration of Hyderabad as common capital for 10 years.

Explaining the Governor’s role in the common capital, the AP finance minister said that the Governor should have powers to safeguard the security and personal liberty of citizens living in Hyderabad. Stating that a common capital is a temporary phenomenon, he refuted KCR’s comments that the Centre had no powers even to give directions to the state about some aspects.

He questioned KCR about how it is “anti-federal” to give powers to a common Governor. Reacting to KCR’s comments that he would approach all other parties about this issue, he reminded that all parties were in the Parliament when the AP Re-organisation Bill was passed. He said that governments should sort out their problems with neighbouring states across the table.