Bengaluru, June 20:  A traffic police officer in Bengaluru’s Trinity Circle stopped President Pranab Mukherjee’s convoy to make way for an ambulance through a busy junction. The traffic police sub-inspector, ML Nijalingappa, has won hearts of the citizens for his wonderful act of humanity. As reported by ANI, the Bengaluru police announced a reward for Nijalingappa for making way for an ambulance during the convoy movement.

President Pranab Mukherjee was in the Bengaluru city for the inauguration of Namma Metro’s Green Line. His convoy was heading towards the Raj Bhavan. During that time, the traffic police noticed that an ambulance was trying to find a way towards a private hospital near HAL. He then quickly passed on directions and made way for ambulance through the road, despite the heavy traffic.

Abhei Goyal, Deputy Commissioner of Police -Traffic East Division, Bengaluru City, took to Twitter to praise officer ML Nijalingappa’s presence of mind. He has now been rewarded for deftly allowing the ambulance before the 1st citizen of India.

Even Praveen Sood IPS, the CP of Bengaluru city, hailed Nijalingappa for letting the ambulance pass over President’s convoy.

Have a look at their tweets below:


After the tweets of appreciation he received from the DCP and CP, citizens are also praising the traffic policeman for his kind act on social media.