New Delhi, April 14: A B.Com first year student allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling of her house after being scolded by father in Chunabhatti area of Bhopal. The incident ocurred on Friday.

Police said that the deceased, identified as Kritika Khatarkar, was using a mobile phone when suddenly her father came and snatched it. He scolded her for not studying. Kritika got very angry on this and went straight to her room. After some time her father left for work while mother went to neighbour’s house. When she returned from neighbour’s house, she went to Kritika’s room and found her hanging.

Police said that Kritika Khatarkar was a student of Excellence College. She had an elder and one younger sister, too. A suicide note was also recovered in which she wrote, “Sorry parents, I am going. Please forgive me.”

However, police suspect some other reasons too and are investigating the matter. The suicide note message was also not clear. India has one of the highest suicide rates for the youth aged between 15-29. And the family background is one of the prime reason for students taking this extreme step. In many cases, students commit suicide as they are unable to cope up with the exam pressure or family pressure to prove something. Awareness related to mental health in school and college should be spread among students. Universities in India also lack trained counselors who can understand students mental problems.