New Delhi, April 14: A explosion was heard in Lakhisarai-Maurya express in which one person was killed and two sustained injuries, a news agency ANI reported. The incident took place near the Mahesh Leta Halt, just a kilometer away from Kiul station in Bihar. The blast took place after part of railway track broke and moved into one of the coaches of Maurya Express.

A 10-feet long broken track entered into the general coach of the train. East Central Railways said that this accident is suspected to be caused by Naxalite. A 10-m long rail piece entered from the top side of the footboard in 1st GS coach of Maurya Express in Lakhisarai. Broken railway track piece doesn’t belong to running track.

However, a major train accident was averted. Passengers traveling on the train got panicked as soon as the explosion was heard. The train was halted at the station for some time. It was reported that the damaged coach was removed from the train. The injured have been taken to the hospital for the treatment.

Recently, Ahmedabad-Puri Express (18406) 22 coaches traveled for at least 15 kilometers without an engine in Odisha’s Balangir district. Reportedly, the skid brakes on the wheels had not been applied which in turn resulted in the detachment of the engine from the rest of the coaches.  However, no casualties have been reported and passengers remained unharmed. Two railway employees were suspended with immediate effect.