Patna, Sept 9: In yet another tragic incident, eight patients admitted in Bihar’s Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) died in last two weeks allegedly after transfusion of expired blood.

On Friday, after eight patients were confirmed dead, junior doctors at the hospital accused hospital’s blood bank of tampering with the expiry date printed on the blood polyethene.

Earlier, the hospital administration tried to defend allegations made by junior doctors but later they formed a six member committee to investigate the incident.

The hospital administration said that all departmental heads have been included in the committee which will submit its report in next 10 days.

The incharge of blood bank refuted allegations of tampering with blood bags and asserted that all bags are fully tested.

The incident has raised a question on the state health department which is already operating on a low budget. The government had asked for a detailed report from the hospital and assured strict action against the accused.

A resident doctor Surya Prakash narrated the whole incident and said people at the hospital started clashing with the staff after patients died just after blood transfusion.

The patients who were first normal started showing signs of restlessness once they were given expired blood, a doctor reportedly said.

Dr Neeraj Singh demanded a thorough probe into the matter, saying, “The juniors are made responsible for any lapses. Even angry relatives of patients also started beating us.”

Singh alleged that the blood polyethene was tampered with and number three was made and eight with the help of a pen.