New Delhi, July 16: A Sessions Court Judge, Sanjeev Kumar, while announcing a verdict in 2008 BMW hit and run case on Saturday took a dig at the present day laws. He observed these days, the law gives more importance to the lives of cows than human souls. Kumar said: “The punishment for killing a cow is five, seven or fourteen years depending on the law of a state but the sentence in taking the life of a human in rash driving is just two years.”

The infamous BMW hit and run case dates back to 2008 when an industrialist of Haryana had mowed down a man on a motorcycle. Utsav Bhasin, a 30-year-old man, was found guilty by the Sessions Court in the national capital for rash and negligent driving. Also, the court announced a compensation of Rs 10 lakh for the family of deceased and 2 lakh for the injured ones, as reported by Hindustan Times.

BWM Hit and Run Case:

Bhasin way back in 2008 was a BBA student. His luxury car hit Anuj Chauhan’s motorcycle who then came under the BMW along with his friend Mrigank Srivastava at Moolchand in South Delhi. Chauhan passed away in the horrifying accident at City Hospital, but luckily Srivastava survived. On the night of September 11- when the incident took place, the rash BMW driver was apprehended from Kashmere Gate while trying to accelerate to Chandigarh.

The verdict, in this case, was passed in May but the amount of it was declared on Saturday. The court, however, granted bail to Bhasin that allows him to file an appeal in High Court. Bhasin, in this case, was even slapped with culpable homicide but was later cleared.