New Delhi, September 17: In a patriarchal society like India, even if a woman takes a stand against a man indulging in sexist and misogynistic behaviour, she is looked down upon. One such lady who has been at the receiving end of rape and death threats is The Quint journalist Deeksha Sharma. She stood up against the self-proclaimed singer-music composer Omprakash Mishra whose sexist and controversial videos ‘Aunty Ki Ghanti’ and ‘Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya’ have gone viral.

“Me, my colleagues and my family are of course perturbed, but believe in the stand I took. I will continue to stand against it and strongly talk about it,” said Deeksha Sharma on Saturday. She has received rape and death threats from numerous fans of the cringe-artist after videos of both the songs were taken down from YouTube.

Notably, the videos of the songs were taken down from YouTube over copyright claims by ‘Smokedlime’. The video of ‘Bol Na Aunty Aaun Kya‘ reportedly had more than 30,000 likes and 60,000 dislikes.

On September 13, The Quint published a video slamming and asking for the ‘sexist’ songs to be taken down from YouTube soon after which, the things turned ugly as the official social media pages of the website were filled with a slew of lewd comments. This was not it as The Quint‘s reporter Deeksha Sharma also bore the brunt of keeping her opinion against the overtly misogynistic lyrics in the songs. Numerous fans of the artists bullied her, trolled her, made her memes and even gave her rape and death threats. Meanwhile, an FIR has been filed in the matter and the police have assured adequate protection to Sharma. “The police have asked me to report if at all I notice something suspicious and the officials will be available,” she said.

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Speaking exclusively to, Sharma claimed that major threats started after the video was deleted by YouTube. “Trolling began soon after The Quint’s video went live,” she said while informing that Mishra’s fans even targeted her through personal WhatsApp and Facebook messages.

Noteworthy, a Facebook page ‘MemeMandir’ has even organised a ‘Shouting ‘Bolna Na Aunty Aun Kya’ event at The Quint’s Office’ on September 22 at 6 pm similar to the event held at Connought Place in New Delhi wherein, people gathered in huge number and shouted ‘Bolna Na Aunty Aun Kya’. A similar event was organised in Bhubaneswar on the night of September 15.

Adding fuel to the fire, Mishra himself urged his fans to ‘report The Quint’ on Facebook while continuing trolling Quint Neon’s social media pages. This was not it as the link to Deeksha Sharma’s profile was also shared in the comments below the post.

“My family was very angry in the beginning but they have been with me through everything and they also believe in the stand I took. We’re all perturbed but won’t stop at all. My colleagues and bosses have been very very supportive and it is because of them that I am strongly talking about it and will continue to,” Sharma said.

Meanwhile, The Quint has voluntarily taken down the video criticising Omprakash Mishra’s ‘Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya‘ song owing to the amount of unprecedented abuse it had generated. However, it still stand by the editorial assertions in the video, a post on the official Twitter handle of The Quint claimed.