March 23: Two Mumbai residents from the Jet Airways crew were also injured in the explosions in Brussels on Tuesday. In-flight manager Nidhi Chaphekar and flight purser Amit Motwani were rushed to hospital and are currently undergoing treatment after they suffered burns.

Chapekar is a mother of two and has suffered an eye injury and ankle fracture in the attack. The attack brought tremendous pressure on over 2,000 Jet passengers who had landed at the airport minutes ago the explosions. Two Jet Airways flights, one from New Delhi and the other from Mumbai had landed in Brussels on Tuesday. Jet Airways flight 9W 230 from New Delhi reached Brussels at 8:08 AM (local time), minutes after the bomb blast at 8am. Brussels airport was to handle four arrivals and four departments between Indian and North America between 7: 30 AM to 10: 20 AM. (Also Read- Brussels explosion: Indian airports issue high alert; Jet Airways crew member injured)

Passengers were on the process alighting the aircraft to catch their next connecting flight to other airlines when the bomb went off. Following which the airport witnessed utter chaos with most of them running out of the terminal building. At the same times, passengers were flying to Mumbai, Delhi, Toronto and Newark had started gathering at the airport.

Jet Brussels-Delhi flight 9W229 was also ready for take off when the bombs went off cancelling the flight compelling passengers to remain seated inside the flight for two hours. They were later deplaned. The crew members had to wait for seven to eight hours in 3 degrees temperature as their luggage was still in the plane. It was only after they were shifted safe to a hotel, they learnt about their colleagues who were injured in the blasts. Brussels airport will only re-open on March 26. The explosion happened at around 8:00 AM local time on Tuesday and suicide bombers have been identified, their images were caught on CCTV.