Lucknow, October 4: A couple of days after actor Prakash Raj voiced his disappointment over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence concerning Bengaluru journalist Gauri Lankesh’s murder, a Lucknow court today asked police to register a case against him. The court’s order came on a  complaint filed by a lawyer.

The court will hear the case on October 7.

Prakash Raj, who has won five National Awards to his credit, had criticised PM Modi over his silence on those who were “celebrating” the killing of journalist Gauri Lankesh and said he feels like returning his awards.

Lankesh, who had strident anti-right wing views, was shot dead from close range by unknown assailants at her home here on the night of September 5.

Raj said Lankesh was his close friend and in his experience he had not heard such harsh language being used against anyone.

“My problem is that – who killed (her) is not important – but who is celebrating is clearly seen (on Twitter),” he said after inaugurating the 11th state conference of the Democratic Youth Federation of India, the youth wing of the CPM in Bengaluru earlier this week.

“Who is happy can be clearly seen. There may not be proof (regarding the killing), but things can be seen. Today through social media the hidden cruelty is known,” he said.

“We have a prime minister amidst us who is sitting with his eyes shut to this,” the actor alleged.

“I’m bigger actor than you, don’t try to act in front of me, please respect me as an actor. If you act in front of me as though you know nothing–am I a fool (to believe it) or are people or today’s younger generation fools,” he asked.

(With inputs from agencies)