New Delhi, Mar 24: A Delhi-pub owner accidentally shoots himself dead on Friday while partying with his friends. The incident was reported around 11.45 PM from DT Mall in Shalimar Bagh. The local police rushed to the spot as soon as gunshots were heard.

The shocking incident has been captured in the CCTV camera installed at the pub, where the group was partying. The police, on reaching the accident scene, found the body lying in a pool of blood.

The video shows the deceased (who is also the co-owner of the pub), along with three other friends of his, having a gala time at the pub. Suddenly, he takes out a gun, places it on his head and accidentally, fires. Next, he can be seen collapsing. His friends were left in a state of panic after the incident.

The case has been taken over for investigation by the police and the body of the man, whose identity is yet to be disclosed, has been sent for post-mortem.