New Delhi, Mar 30: BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar has urged Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar to scrap the CBSE’s plan to hold a re-examination of Maths paper of Class 10 and Economics paper of Class 12 after the papers were found to be leaked before the exams. He wrote on Twitter urging not to subject the students and their parents to re-exams and let the results stand.

The BJP MP further said that instead of cancelling the examination of all students, the students who had benefitted from the leaked papers must be identified and their papers should be cancelled.

“Dear @PrakashJavdekar – pls dont subject students n parents to re-exams. Let results stand. Instead investigate n identify those few that benefitted from leaked papers n cancel their results only! Thats the only correct thing to do now! ,” he wrote.

He had earlier tweeted an emotive message, saying that to have students suffer the trauma of exam stress for no fault of their is terrible.

“I hv kids who hv gone thru n is going thru the tough stress (sic) of board exams, graduations m admissions ! To hv thm suffer this trauma of re-exams for no fault of theirs is terrible! #CBSE exists for school children n parents n must hold itself accountable!,” he had written.

The CBSE on Friday announced that the Class 12 Economics re-examination will take place on April 25. Education secretary Anil Swarup addressed the media today. He announced that Class 10 Maths paper was leaked in Delhi and Haryana only and the re-examination will be conducted in these two states after a proper investigation in July.

“Regarding Class 10th re-examination, as the leak was restricted to Delhi and Haryana, if it at all a re-exam will happen, it will happen only in Delhi and Haryana and a decision will be taken on this in next 15 days. If at all a re-exam is done, it will be in July,” Swarup said on Friday while addressing the media.