New Delhi, September 9: The channel number of Zee news for subscribers of DD Free Dish was revised recently. The revision came with a set of new channels for subscribers. In order to enjoy new channels, Subscribers are required to auto scan their set-top box.

Please follow the instructions to enjoy uninterrupted services.

Step 1: Press the menu button on your remote.

Step 2: Select Edit Program option and Press Ok button

Step 3: A new window will emerge on the screen. Select the Delete Program option and press Ok button. This will enable your set box for new channels.


Step 4: For setting new channels, Press Menu button on the remote and select program option.

Step 5: Select the Auto Scan option on the new window.

Step 6: Select the Scan Mode. By using the right scroll button, select All in the option.

The process of Auto Scan has started on your set top box. After the completion of the process, your set top box is ready to use. Select Menu button now and enjoy new channels uninterruptedly.

For any help, please contact 0120-7153304 or leave your message on Whatsapp on 9811782191.