New Delhi, Mar 28: A 25-year-old Chennai man killed his mother because she consumed his share of alcohol. The accused, identified as Neelakandan, is a daily worker and was living with his mother Kalavathi.

Briefing the incident, the police said that the accused had kept the alcohol hidden on Monday Neelakandan got into a fight with his mother for drinking his share of alcohol. The accused has kept it hidden. Accused got furious after knowing this and started beating his mother with pipe and later pushed her to death during an argument.

Neighbours rushed to her rescue after hearing the cries and noise. They rushed her to a nearby hospital where she succumbed to injuries. Police have arrested the accused Neelakandan and started an investigation into the matter.

Government always advertise regarding this and urge families to stop taking it. Alcohol is bad for health and it reports are to be believed every year many people die.