New Delhi, Dec 1: A day after Supreme Court made it mandatory to play the national anthem in cinema halls before screening of films, well known author Chetan Bhagat took to twitter and said why not sing national anthem before having sex. He said he is stunned at Supreme Court’s ruling on national anthem before a movie. In his tweets he mentioned, “Imposing nationalism curtails personal freedom, a key part of what India is about”.

Bhagat said people peddling hyper-nationalism and breaking India’s free society are same as people peddling fundamentalist religion. SC ruling baseless. “If we shove the national anthem down people’s throats it takes away the organic love for the country. Please, let me be a patriot my way”, he said in his tweet.

Questioning the Supreme Court’s decision, Bhagat asked, “Why not national anthem before every TV program? Before every play? Why not sing the national anthem before having sex?”. He stated such imposition by state govermments was ridiculous.” I fail to know what provision allows SC to interfere in private contract between cinema owner and ticket buying audience”, he added.

Bhagat mentioned in his tweet that the reason for rise of fascist-style nationalism in the country is a weak opposition and a Congress party that can’t put up a competent leader. In his tweet he mentioned, “Do not let India even inch towards fascism. Let world’s biggest democracy remain that. Hon’ SC please solve cases.Don’t tell us how to live”.

“What if I love my country and anthem, but just like religion, I don’t like to display it in a public manner? Why are you imposing it? Those ready to beat their chests in the name of nationalism and willing to give up their freedoms for it, you will regret it one day. Badly”, he tweeted.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday made it compulsory to play the national anthem in cinema halls and said love and respect for the motherland is reflected when one shows respect to the National Anthem as well as to the National Flag. “It is the sacred obligation of every citizen to abide by the ideals engrafted in the Constitution. And one of them is to show respect to the National Anthem and National Flag,” the court said in its statement.