Noida, April 9: A class 12 student in Noida hanged herself to death as she was reeling under stress for not performing well in one of her board examination papers. Parents the girl’s family said that since the day she had finished her board papers, she was in a perpetual state of tension. Last night, the girl’s family found her hanging from the ceiling fan of her room after which she was rushed to Greater Noida’s Kailash Hospital where she was declared brought dead on arrival by the doctors. The police rushed to the spot and sent the girl’s body for postmortem.

Surajpur’s Inspector-in-charge Pankaj Rai confirmed the news stating that the 17-year-old girl, a resident of the Sector Omicron III Greater Noida committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan. It had been just 10 days since the board examinations were over.

Last month, quite a number of students committing suicides were reported. Suicide notes such as this , “I am sorry I could not live up to your expectations and for not being able to fulfill your dreams. I love my grandparents the most and please do take good care of them,” are being recovered from students who are suffering from immense exam pressure. From tensions related to faring well in the exam to fearing failure altogether- the reason behind the students committing suicides is increasing at an alarming pace.

According to National Crime Records Bureau 2015, every hour, one student commits suicide in India. Students suffer from a lot of pressure- from scoring good marks to getting a good college for further studies and this takes a toll on them. Talking about the rise in the number of student suicides, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently talked about exam pressure and said that students should not be competing with anyone else but should compete with themselves.