New Delhi, September 28: The Opposition Congress party on Monday pounced on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, demanding an enquiry into how the government funded his community addresses during the four day visit. Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma attacked the PM, accusing him of being narcissistic and self obsessed and demanded that the government tell the people how and by who were the PM’s functions funded. The PM addressed the Indian diaspora in the American state of California on Monday, after a grand reception and amidst much fanfare. Also Read: Narendra Modi Says, Corruption during the previous government’s time had triggered anger among people

“PM is only about ‘I me,myself’.Have you seen any leader in the world project himself like this?”, Sharma asked at a conference on Monday. “We demand an inquiry into funding of PM’s community addresses when he goes abroad. Who is paying for all this?” Sharma also commented on the PM’s reference to his mother, Heeraben Modi, wherein the latter had outlined the pains that his mother had taken to bring him and his siblings up. Modi had had an emotional moment thinking about his mother during the Facebook Townhall Q and A, saying that his mother was an important figure in his life.


Sharma, however indicated that the PM was putting up a show, since he hadn’t even invited his mother to his swearing in ceremony. He also accused the PM of lying about his mother cleaning utensils for a living. “PM says his mother used to clean utensils in other people’s homes. Sadly this is a lie, he is insulting his mother”, said Sharma. “PM did not even invite his mother to swearing-in ceremony. So instead of crying abroad he should be a responsible son”, he added.