New Delhi, Feb 14: A Delhi-based woman journalist recounted the horror she allegedly had to face while travelling to Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) in a private cab. “I have always found solace in Delhi, but these 5 minutes shall be etched in my mind forever. Sooner or later, Delhi did teach me a lesson, one which I’d not like anyone to learn,” she stated in a post on social media.

Taking to Facebook, Janki Dave narrated the ordeal she had to face on February 12 while travelling from Noida to Delhi airport. “I had my flight scheduled at 8:05 PM. As luck would have it, I was stuck in traffic for over 2 hours. It was already 7:20 PM, I was sure of not making it. At 7:32 PM, I requested the cabbie (politely) if it would be possible for him to drive me back home (Noida). On his denial, I asked him to drop me at my scheduled drop point (Terminal 3, IGI Airport). I could sense he was running out of patience. But I failed to predict what hit me in the next 5 minutes,” she writes.

Next the cab driver not only refused to take her to the airport but took a U-turn and parked the car under a flyover while ending the trip. Later, he zoomed the car in the middle of the road near Vasant Enclave, got out of the car and started throwing her baggage on the road. He also flung her laptop.

The woman got out of the car, tried to stop him but what followed was even worse. Dave explains how the cab driver, Dhiraj, resorted to hooliganism, abuses, threats and even attempts to indulge in physical assault. “At some point, I was even told “Maar Dalunga, Ladki Hai, Sambhal Ke reh”; this, in front of at least 15 people, who proclaim to be human beings,” she recounts.

Meanwhile, she has raised the matter with cab aggregator while still waiting for an action against the driver.

Earlier in 2016, a cab driver was arrested for molesting a woman journalist while she was on her way from Delhi to Noida. According to the complaint, the woman journalist suspected that the cab driver, Ravinder Singh, was taking a wrong route near Noida Sector 15 metro station, and asked him to stop the vehicle. She then got down from the cab and started walking, while the driver insisted on taking her to her destination.

In 2014, a cab driver had raped a passenger, a 25-year-old woman executive, sparking a nationwide debate on women’s safety.