Delhi, June 18: A man in Delhi who promised a surprise to his wife to North Delhi’s Bonta Park and allegedly strangled her. Manoj Kumar, 24, promised his 22-year-old wife Komal that he has planned a surprise for her, but ended up killing her. The police arrested him a few hours later. The incident happened on Friday, June 16.

Manoj came to meet Komal on Friday evening at her parents’ home. She was staying with her parents at that time. He told her he has a surprise for her. Manoj then took her wife to Bonta Park near Delhi University. He asked Komal to close her eyes. The moment she closed her eyes, Manoj strangled her with a clutch wire. He bought the wire the same day, said the police.

As reported by NDTV, Manoj left Komal’s body in Bonta Park. He then made a call to one of his friends and informed him about his actions. However, his friend informed the police about it and Manoj was arrested during midnight. When he was caught by the police, Manoj was in a drunken state. That’s why when the police took him to the park to locate Komal’s body, he couldn’t identify the spot where he killed his wife.

A team of two policemen were searching the entire park to spot the dead body. It took them around 12 hours to find the body.

“As Manoj was drunk, he was unable to identify the exact spot where he dumped Komal’s body, but we eventually traced her body yesterday,” said Jatin Narwal, Deputy Commissioner of Police North.

Komal and Manoj got married in 2015. They met in Gurgaon bar where she worked. Manoj ran a general store in Kanjhawala area. Within six months of their marriage, the couple had fights and differences. Komal got frustrated with their frequent fights and went back to her parents’ home in West Delhi’s Raghubir Nagar. Manoj didn’t like her decision of moving back to her parents’ home. The husband also suspected her of having an extra-marital affair. He didn’t allow her to talk to other men, the police said. He tried to convince her to return home, but Komal didn’t listen to him and hence he allegedly planned to murder her.

The man had plans to leave the city after committing the crime. Komal’s body has been sent for autopsy and a case of murder is registered against Ma