New Delhi, Dec 8: The environment secretaries of five states including Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar  Pradesh will be appearing before the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Friday to give a “workable solution” for combating the problem of pollution. The Green Court had rapped Delhi government and the neighbouring states over their action plan after the national capital witnessed alarming pollution in the first week of November.

During the hearing, the Delhi government said it is ready to implement traffic rationing system, Odd-Even Scheme, with a few exceptions. Observing that air pollution was never at the “normal level” in the national capital, the court directed the neighbouring states of Punjab, Haryana, UP and Rajasthan to file the action plan afresh.

Haryana and Punjab governments had told the court that a slew of measures including stopping construction work, burning waste, shutting schools and monitoring of industries causing emissions will be implemented whenever pollution levels beyond prescribed limits continuously for 48 hours.

“What is the logic of waiting for 48 hours? There is nothing great about the action plan which you have prepared.It is your basic function which you have to do all the time.

“Why have you referred to the EPCA’s plan? Why don’t you apply your own brains? In this country, it is a dream to have prescribed norms of air quality,” the bench observed.

(With inputs from agencies)