New Delhi, Dec 2: As per the latest instructions of government pertaining to demonetisation, December 2 will be the last date to use old notes of Rs 500 at petrol pumps, toll plazas and air ticket counters. Earlier, the exemption was provided till December 15. However, it was later revealed that many black money hoarders were misusing the exemptions, which prompted government to cut down the dates of exemption. Another reason for restricting the exemption is the observation made by government that people are embracing digital forms of transactions and they have been provided enough amount of time to replace demonetised notes with legal tender.

At air ticket counters, people facing cash crunch have been asked to pay using credit/debit cards for their flight tickets from tomorrow onwards. At toll plazas, Transport Ministry has ensured availability of card swiping machines, to allow people without legal cash to pay the tolls with their credit/debit cards.

According to news agency PTI, the old notes of Rs 500 could be used for paying tolls above Rs 200. The old notes of Rs 500 could also be used for purchasing FASTags, which would work as digital coupons, applicable at 4,000 tolls across the nation.

After December 2 midnight, where can we use old notes of Rs 500?

The old notes of Rs 500 could be for used for mobile recharges, paying utility bills and purchasing transportation tickets from bus counters of government or public sector undertaking bus depots. The exemption is granted till December 15.